First Birthday Fall Fun PART 2

The tractor and trailer are all custom designed and handmade by me. I created a tractor and trailers to match the custom invitation. The host will be using this as a centerpiece on the dessert table and putting treats in each trailer. The large sign received a ribbon and will be used to hang on the front door to great guests. The individual arrow signs will be mounted to a post and used in the home to decorate and lead guests to the different activities. FUN! FUN! FUN!


First Birthday Fall FUN!

This custom invitation features custom envelopes with liners, 3 pages, wheels that turn, sewn banners, and 3 pockets that hold the party details. Simple lift the top off of the tractor and pull each pumpkin stem to reveal the insert. FUN!


Once upon a time…

Once upon a time… a sweet, young woman contacted me after seeing my princess castle invitations that I did a few years back for a first birthday. She and her fiancé wanted something unique and special to share with family and friends. I was excited to take on this project and give them a personalized wedding invitation that shared their incredibly romantic and unique story. 75 invitations, over 2,000 hand applied gems and pearls, 75+ hours ~ serious labors of love and I truly feel honored to have been a part of it all. I’d love for you to take a moment to read their “Once upon a time…”



An Invitation to the North Pole

Tis the season – I was in the spirit months ago when I created these sweet pieces.

Each guest received this house – which the host wanted to be a representation of what she feels Santa’s workshop would look like – sweets and treats and loveliness. The front door opened to reveal a sweet reindeer proclaiming “you’re invited”. The chimney pulled up and out to reveal the party information on one side and on the reverse, a pocket held entrance tickets to visit the North Pole. Some tickets were for “new visitors” (or guests who have never attend one of my clients’ parties before) or  “past visitors” (or guests who attended last years party) with different “clearance” and “stamps” for where they move-up to. We attended to every detail to make each guest feel special and set the tone for the party ahead. So much fun!

A West Coast Happily Ever After

I was contacted this past Spring to do a custom wedding invitation for a lovely lady and her sweet, soon-to-be hubby after they saw my Mackinac Island themed invitations. They live on the West coast and the Mackinac Bridge reminded them of their bridge – so away I went designing…

The custom belly band was made with things important to the couple; music and the ocean. I incorporated the two to make an elegant piece that would hold the invitation all together. Colors, patterns, and lots of details went into this unique invitation. I just LOVE love!

Glowing at Eleven

So neon seems to be all the rage these days. I’m not saying I’m not “hip” and “into it” but sometimes it is a bit much. Being the center of attention has never been my sort-of-thing so I wouldn’t be caught wearing some of these bright, crazy colors. But eleven year old girls, well they love it!

The invites were modeled after the box card style that many scrappers have been using to make unique greeting cards. Why not an invitation? I love making interactive invites that people love to open and close or shake and move. This one was a big hit with all of the guests!

Here’s my take on a Glow themed party…

Glow sticks in balloons hanging from the ceiling, black lights, streamers and paper chains, glow stick bracelets, necklaces, and wands from the local dollar store, and neon painting on white t-shirts for the girls to keep.  We also used glow sticks that we broke open and dumped the liquid into water – our spur-of-the-moment centerpiece that turned out so cool! The glowing liquid made blobs in the water that glowed for most of the evening.

*** This was last year’s theme – some how I missed posting. ***

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