3 Dimensional Paper Gifts

I was asked to create custom, handmade ornaments for two amazing women who have been a huge support to Erin on her GoGo™ Gift Bag journey. Erin’s heart is so full of thankfulness and she hoped to translate that through these one-of-a-kind pieces. I created a tennis racket and BattleCat, roll of “film’ complete with personal photos and cozy knit sweater – each a representation of the person they are for. The boxes are custom made to house each piece along with a fun twist & pop card holding a gift card. In my crafting world, creating these pieces for THESE two people was quite an honor as they are crafting celebrities and entrepreneurs whom I dream of working with one day! #handmade #allpaper #custom #oneofakind #papercraft #imadethis #feelingblessed #craft #battlecat #tennis #sweater #film @gogogiftbag @handmadecharlotte


I designed and crafted these 3D paper golf carts for the girls varsity golf team – they were a HIT!

Geometry – you will use it!

My daughter and I created this for a project for her geometry class. She told me the shapes, the size, the colors, etc and I translated it into cut and fold lines – she did the rest. She donated it to her teacher for a playhouse for the teacher’s daughter.


A Gift of Thanks

My dear friend, Erin, asked me to make this tree as a speical “Thank You” for the amazing people at HSN. The ornaments have the names of everyone from HSN on each one. I handmade it all, even the mini GoGo™ bags. And judging by Bill Green’s reaction, the love she has for each of them translated beautifully!



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