Maxx Joseph Baptism

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I had the pleasure to work with my dear friend, Karen on this wonderful event.  The baptism of a baby is such a magical, inspirational, and glorious celebration of God’s eternal LOVE and I LOVED being involved with it!

Karen wanted to create an elegant room without being so elegant it became uncomfortable.  I think we accomplished just that.  The combination of natural burlap and white, a little glitter and pearls, and tree branches and paper details all worked together.  Shabby Elegance!

We were able to use my cupcake tree and hang cupcakes for a little whimsy.  And just a touch of blue was found everywhere around the room with lots of little ribbon bows and blue printing on the white paper.

A special thanks to my little girl… Dani was such an incredible help the entire morning of set-up.  She awoke very early, eager to do what ever she could to help and never stopped until the drive home!  Mommy loves you – my little angel 🙂



45 thoughts on “Maxx Joseph Baptism

  1. This is a very nice and classy baptism idea. FOR the candles, what type of material.cloth did you use you wrap them?

    1. Thank you. was a beautiful event. I purchased the candles at the Dollar Tree and wrapped them with a yarn that had a touch of a shimmer thread in it. Best wishes! Debbie

      1. I am interested in your cross tags with name, sayings and dates? How many come in a pack? And can this be done by March 1st?

  2. I love your decorations! Can you tell me how you made the crosses, the little godparent, parent, bible verse decorations? Are they you’re own creation? Or is there a template you found? Thank you so much!!

    1. The favors were a cross cookie and a box of Russell Stover candy. The twigs were put into a can and then rocks added to the bottom for weight and then spray foam was sprayed to fill in the open areas. Faux grass was added to cover the expanded foam. Thanks for the kind words!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your inquiry. Currently my shop is closed. I’ve recently moved and am not taking any orders.

      I made the tags for a friends baptism; designed them, cut and assembled them. I use an electronic cutter to cut them out.

      I apologize for not posting that I’m closed on my blog. I had hoped to reopen but I’m just not sure if/when that will be.

      Best wishes,

  3. I absolutely love the candles! I am in Australia and we don’t have a dollar tree here, I have searched high and low for something similar but nothing. Would you be interested in making 3 of these candles for me and shipping th to Australia. Name a price and I’ll be more then happy to pay!!! Kindest regards Courtney

  4. Hi Deb just wanted to know if your shop is open yet? I’m really interested in the candles you made and will make them on my own for my baby’s baptism. I read on how you made them but I would like to purchase the crosses from you. thanks Jessica

  5. Hi Deb is there ANY advice you can give me on how or where to go for the cross idea with custom names of baby, parents, and god parents. I LOVE this whole set up and pretty much can figure out how to do everything accept all the tagged stuff and there is no way you can make them for a cost?

  6. Hi Sorry to bug, Do you sell the pattern of the cross tag?, to do it on my cameo? Please. Maritza Repreza

      1. How much are they? I will need 25 of the cross tag.
        Does the name come with? How long can it take I would like to see if they can be done by March 28? if possible? Can you please e-mail me REPSEN11@GMAIL.COM I am in California..

  7. Hi Deb!i love all your decoration ideas.can I buy those cross tags.i have my son’s christening this coming May 4th.Thanks!

  8. Hello, I wanted more information on the beautiful tree with the blue bows that looks like a tall banner. How was it made? I would love to make it for my son’s baptism. Thank you, patty

    1. Thank you. I made it by painting a piece of wood. I cut the tree and words with my electronic cutter. The material was an adhesive vinyl. I then put a coating of varnish over top. The bows were glued in place when all was dry. I hope that helps.

  9. I was wondering where you got the crucifix cookie cutter? I’m having a difficult time finding a size that’s large like that.
    Thank you, Patty

    1. Hi Patty. I asked my friend who made the cookies and she ordered the cutter online from It was SKU 2846. Hope that helps and good luck! Deb

  10. Hi deb… Just sent you an email on the cross tags with the name “Joseph” …. Love, love, love them…..please let me know if you could fulfill order of 20 on such short notice. Thank you so much!

  11. I would like to know how much for 30 tags of your crosses they look nice i would need them by april 6 2015. Thank you

  12. REALLY LIKE UR CREATIONS..I am currently planning a baptisin for my god daughter. And would like to know how much would u charge for crosses. And If its possible the trees? Hope to hear from u

    1. Thank you! The crosses are $2.50 each. Unfortunately, the trees can’t be done as they would not be able to be shipped. If you’d like to email me, I can give you some tips of what I did to make them.

  13. I am interested on the crosses. Are you still making these? I need them for my son’s Baptism on 2-21-15. Is this too close?

  14. Hi Deb,

    I was wondering if the candles were available for purchase. Please let me know I would love to have them for my sons baptism.

  15. Hi Deb. Are you still making the beautiful candles wiith the personalized name?

    Can you sell me the tags with the ribbon alone?

    I am currently planning my sons babtism and located in Anaheim. Baptism is oct 7th

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