Batman, Birthday, Boy

I know it’s cliche to say, but where has the time gone? We were planning a Tiffany inspired baby shower the last I remember and yet I find I’ve just completed First Birthday decor for the baby we were showering! Yikes!

Maxx is one! BatMaxx that is! My beautiful friend asked if I’d help with some items for the special event and I couldn’t resist! Batman was the theme but BatMaxx was the star! This event took place in New York, so I wasn’t able to see it in person all put together, but thought I’d share the images I did receive.






I madthe birthday banner for the dessert table by cutting out buildings to replicate a city scape and added the lettering on top of 3d foam dots. Maxx’s name is made from classic comic book coversand the letters atop of foam dots again. The custom cupcake wrappers were complete with cape and personalized toppers. Maxx’s mom and grandma made Maxx’s name from comic book paper covering paper mâché letters; so clever!

Custom water bottlewraps and candy bar wrappers added decor to each place setting.


The custom “I am 1” banner was perfect for photos of Maxx and his cake. And a personalized, wipeable splash mat to catch the mess below.





I made the sign as a gift from Maxx’s grandma. Lots of paint and sanding and stain to give it the “aged” look. I thought it turned out pretty neat.