Pebble Beach – OMG!


I can hardly contain myself as I think back…

Erin Borges calls me one evening in June of last year and tells me that Pebble Beach is in need of her (our) services.  Wait, breath.  Do I scream?  No, stay professional.  “Of course, sounds great” as I’m about to pee my pants.  Why so excited you ask?  Well, anyone who knows me, knows that I come from a golfing family and LOVE the sport.  I grew up dreaming of one day visiting Pebble Beach, smelling the salt air, and being amidst the greats who graced the greens.  (Not to mention my crush on Phil Mickelson and the thought that he may be there; GULP!)  And now I have an opportunity to BE a part of an event there.  Holy Cow!  To say I was coming unglued as Erin shared the details of the event is an understatement.

The event, Nature Valley’s First Tee Open, was held the week of July 4th, 2012.  Erin and I were responsible for designing and creating elements for the women’s event held the day prior to the tournament.  Corporate and player’s wives were pampered and spent the day learning tips and tricks for party hosting, etc.  I created itineraries for each guest.  The personalized card was made to look like a girl at the spa with cucumbers over her eyes and a mirror paper on the back.  (My image here doesn’t show the mirror paper.)  They turned out really nice and worked well for the event.


I also created paper flowers for napkin rings and place card holders to coordinate with the floral table theme Erin created.  She also did a coral themed table.

IMG_1188 IMG_1339IMG_1318IMG_1340 IMG_1342 IMG_1356

Each guest also received a ready-to-bake S’more dessert inside this custom designed gable box.  (My coffee cup was used for demonstration purposes here.)

IMG_1128IMG_1129 IMG_1131 IMG_1130

The ladies were also given a tutorial on how to create ribbon roses.  The instructions and materials were included in this adorable tote made from paper.


Here is a link to the professional photos taken at the event.  Yes, that’s Arnold Palmer, Hale Irwin, and Carson Daly in some of the photos.  Yup, it’s like I was there hanging out for the weekend 🙂

I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think back to this event.  I look forward to being able to visit the Monterey Peninsula and breath in its beauty.  Thank You Erin for bringing me one step closer.