Be MineCraft


Happy Valentine’s Day!

The “go-to” game around our house is Minecraft, and my daughter loves to build and play! So we figured it only appropriate that this year’s Valentine Mailbox and treat theme should match what she loves to do.

This paper house is built with over 100 paper blocks that I found the pattern for on I was able to download the images and use my electronic cutter to cut the images out after they were printed. (I use a Silhouette Cameo in case you wondered.) We spent hours cutting and glueing all the boxes together. The house is an (almost) exact replica of a house she built in her Minecraft world. We assembled the house on a cardboard base covered with a printed grass and wood graphic from PixelPaperCraft. Lots of hot glue, burnt fingers, and hours or labor and her house was complete.  The roof lifts off so the kids in her class can put the treats they have for her, inside.

She also wanted her giveaway treat to match the Minecraft theme, so with a trip to Pinterest, we found this box idea. The lid lifts to reveal Starburst candies inside. So fun!

Her class holds a contest for the kids to be creative, inventive, and original in building their Valentine Mailboxes. The students vote and declare winners in different categories. I’ll let you know how it goes…


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