The beginning…

Ballet, Bumble Bee, Girl, Invitations

Well here’s where it started…

Flash back to March 2011.  I knew I wanted to craft, professionally but wasn’t sure where to start.  A friend told me about Etsy and the rest is history.

After listing a few items I had crafted and no sales, I was beginning to get discouraged.  I searched for invitations that matched the caliber of my creations and there wasn’t much to be found – except for Lindsey Neill of Mr. Bean Cakes.  She inspired me to go for it.  I never met her, never spoke to her, but sent her a message in August of 2011 and asked for any advise she could muster.  She graciously shared what she had learned and offered me support and encouragement.  She probably didn’t realize she was giving me all that, but she did.  Thanks Lindsey!  We’ve still to meet face to face but I “friended” her on Facebook, she accepted (Phew) and now we are officially friends.  She’s an incredibly talented photographer and I love seeing all the creations she shares.

Here’s her blog:

My first listing…

TuTu MonkeyTuTu Monkey Back

Never sold this adorable invite but I did get noticed and I created these…

Buzz the Bee and his hive

Buzz the Bee and his hive

Invite information

Invite information



Finally!  My first order.  I was on my way!  And I’ve been going strong ever since.



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