Erin Borges


So here I am, a few orders into my new business and I am found by an event designer in California.  Erin Borges of Erin Borges Event Design saw my invites and asked if I’d work with her on her daughter’s first birthday.  Of course I said “YES” and we became fast friends.  Erin and I worked for months and created an invite like no other –  a pop-up doll house!  The theme of the event was based on a play on her daughters’ name,  the “DahlHouse”.  The invitations started a relationship with Erin and I and over a year later, we’re still going strong!  Visit my “DahlHouse” page to see images of the invitations.  Also, there is a link to photos of the entire event that were published on the Hostess with The Mostess blog.

I’ll be posting images later of different events we’ve collaborated on.  So many fun and exciting days I’ve had over the past year!  Thanks Erin!



2 thoughts on “Erin Borges

  1. Great job, Deb! The way you have parlayed your talent into a successful business is so inspiring! (You forgot to tell us Erin’s daughter’s name that inspired the theme…it was Dahlia, right??)

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