Once upon a time…

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Once upon a time… a sweet, young woman contacted me after seeing my princess castle invitations that I did a few years back for a first birthday. She and her fiancé wanted something unique and special to share with family and friends. I was excited to take on this project and give them a personalized wedding invitation that shared their incredibly romantic and unique story. 75 invitations, over 2,000 hand applied gems and pearls, 75+ hours ~ serious labors of love and I truly feel honored to have been a part of it all. I’d love for you to take a moment to read their “Once upon a time…”




A West Coast Happily Ever After

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I was contacted this past Spring to do a custom wedding invitation for a lovely lady and her sweet, soon-to-be hubby after they saw my Mackinac Island themed invitations. They live on the West coast and the Mackinac Bridge reminded them of their bridge – so away I went designing…

The custom belly band was made with things important to the couple; music and the ocean. I incorporated the two to make an elegant piece that would hold the invitation all together. Colors, patterns, and lots of details went into this unique invitation. I just LOVE love!

She said “Yes!”

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Love is in the air – well it has been during the four weeks of planning this special event…

My dear friend, Karen, shared the news that her daughter, Rachael, said “yes” to the marriage proposal from long time love, Gregg.  Naturally, Valentine’s Day was the perfect “love” weekend to throw an Engagement Party to congratulate and celebrate the soon to be Mr. & Mrs.

Even though it was Valentine’s Eve, the traditional Valentine theme just wouldn’t do. We kept it to white with a touch of red – no pink here. Sophisticated, delicate, and lovely. We were inspired from a dessert table found online (see link below) and the simple elements that were used. The paper products featured on that site are no longer available so I did my best to replicate them. The garland was our base and we built from there. The venue for the party was a multi-level club-house and the stair railings were the perfect place to dress up with yards and yards of custom cut hearts sewn together into an elegant and delicate garland. Please note the “hap-hazard” way it was hung was done on purpose… elegant yet whimsical – fancy but not stuffy.

Karen had the brilliant idea of a kissing booth but to be used more like a photo booth so that guests could have photo memories and fun with their Valentine. Her giving heart wanted to be sure guests were still able to enjoy their Valentine being that the event took time from their weekend. The crape paper backdrop was created to cover an 8′ door wall. The event was at night and the wall of glass behind the booth turns into reflective mirror and wouldn’t make for good photography. The booth was a big hit!

The backdrop for the dessert table was needed to cover an interior window. The venue was full of window and mirrors so creative and inexpensive backdrops were needed. The envelope wall was the perfect fit. “Sweet Hearts” was our tag line and we felt fit the envelopes well.

Karen made all of the cookies – working for hours to get them just right. The edible stamps on the love letter cookies were so cute and each cookie carefully tied with twine. Karen’s brother made the amazing cupcakes and cake and I did the chocolate covered strawberries. Licorice was tied in knots, Oreo’s covered in white chocolate, and red velvet cheesecake brownie “love bites” finished the table. (Karen did the Oreos and brownies too – she hasn’t slept for weeks!)

Thank you to everyone who helped with the set-up, food, desserts, and clean-up. So many helped to make this event a huge success.

I hope LOVE has found you this February and will continue to do so all year through.




If you have ever planned a wedding you understand the challenges that are a part of the process and the dedication, countless hours, and numerous dollars it takes to pull it off. Planning a destination wedding is obviously that much more difficult.

Fast forward to July…The invites have been delivered and guests are thrilled about the upcoming marriage of Karen and David.  Karen’s responses are a bit overwhelming as she and David are thrilled with the amount of family and friends who want to take the time and expense to travel to Mackinac Island to share in their special day.  Karen was filled with ideas and details and trusted in me to help her to bring what was in her mind, to reality. We spend hours texting, emailing, Pinning, talking, and trying to be prepared in every aspect and leaving no detail unattended to.

Once the decisions were made, my fingers got to work… hours and hours of sanding and staining wood for the custom signs, blade after blade going dull on my electronic cutter, and blister upon blister from the hot glue gun – but it was all worth it! To say that it was AMAZING, well I think that is an understatement. I’m not one to toot my own horn but TOOT! TOOT! Together, Karen and I created a fairytale wedding that helped bring Karen & David’s True Love Story to life. Through elegant floral, muted hues of pink and champagne, and lacy textures, family and friends were surrounded by details that we hoped made them feel as special as Karen and David feel they are to them.

The days before the wedding and the actual wedding day, the weather was bright and sunny yet slightly cooler than the average temperatures for August in Michigan.  The venue, Mission Point on Mackinac Island, was an accommodating host for Karen & David’s 60+ guests. The staff did an amazing job helping to bring our vision for the reception to fruition. The staff provided the time and help we needed to get the event set up and allowed me to let go and enjoy myself. Being a controlling, hands on, do-it-yourselfer – well letting go is no easy task.

As a designer, I hope to express love and gratitude through color, paper, textures, and details as sometimes words are too simple to do. I share this amazing event with you and the numerous photos (I took over 1,200 so we should get a few keepers 😉 so that you can feel the love I hold for this dear friend of mine and how grateful I am that God has placed her in my life.

Congratulation Karen and David! May your True Love Story be filled pages of Love and chapters of Happiness!



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Once Upon A Time…

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I was thrilled when a past client contacted me to create this unique, girly invitation for her daughter’s first birthday. A few inspirational images, some poetry, hours of adjusting color hues, and voila – an invitation fit for a princess. Well I think so anyway…


Once Upon A Time castle invitation

invite 1

a four paged book with gems, pearls, custom paper, and ribbon details

the front page was raised to appear as the castle entrance

the front page was raised to appear as the castle entrance

the pages are made from multiple layers of card stock, each page with custom pattern

the pages are made from multiple layers of card stock, each page with custom pattern

invite front page

when the book is closed, it looks like a complete castle

note the gems on each page and custom monogram

note the gems on each page and custom monogram

invite page 2

page 2

invite page 3

page 3

invite page 4

page 4

invite back

invitation back

invite details

custom printed paper and addressed

custom designed and printed paper for the envelope and personally addressed to each recipient

custom printed inside and out with the return address on the flap

custom printed inside and out with the return address on the flap

Such an important event deserves a party as special as the birthday girl herself. I think her mother did just that and the party turned out amazing! Here are pics from the special day. (Aislynne, thanks for sharing with me.)

1012418_10152018764048867_637160622_n 1610061_10152018764143867_1668853206_n 1012382_10152018764638867_92607826_n 1780907_10152018764898867_1200359170_n 1656108_10152018764933867_539138118_n