If you have ever planned a wedding you understand the challenges that are a part of the process and the dedication, countless hours, and numerous dollars it takes to pull it off. Planning a destination wedding is obviously that much more difficult.

Fast forward to July…The invites have been delivered and guests are thrilled about the upcoming marriage of Karen and David.  Karen’s responses are a bit overwhelming as she and David are thrilled with the amount of family and friends who want to take the time and expense to travel to Mackinac Island to share in their special day.  Karen was filled with ideas and details and trusted in me to help her to bring what was in her mind, to reality. We spend hours texting, emailing, Pinning, talking, and trying to be prepared in every aspect and leaving no detail unattended to.

Once the decisions were made, my fingers got to work… hours and hours of sanding and staining wood for the custom signs, blade after blade going dull on my electronic cutter, and blister upon blister from the hot glue gun – but it was all worth it! To say that it was AMAZING, well I think that is an understatement. I’m not one to toot my own horn but TOOT! TOOT! Together, Karen and I created a fairytale wedding that helped bring Karen & David’s True Love Story to life. Through elegant floral, muted hues of pink and champagne, and lacy textures, family and friends were surrounded by details that we hoped made them feel as special as Karen and David feel they are to them.

The days before the wedding and the actual wedding day, the weather was bright and sunny yet slightly cooler than the average temperatures for August in Michigan.  The venue, Mission Point on Mackinac Island, was an accommodating host for Karen & David’s 60+ guests. The staff did an amazing job helping to bring our vision for the reception to fruition. The staff provided the time and help we needed to get the event set up and allowed me to let go and enjoy myself. Being a controlling, hands on, do-it-yourselfer – well letting go is no easy task.

As a designer, I hope to express love and gratitude through color, paper, textures, and details as sometimes words are too simple to do. I share this amazing event with you and the numerous photos (I took over 1,200 so we should get a few keepers 😉 so that you can feel the love I hold for this dear friend of mine and how grateful I am that God has placed her in my life.

Congratulation Karen and David! May your True Love Story be filled pages of Love and chapters of Happiness!



Please be sure to check out these vendors for your next event:

Cake topper:  Toppers with Glitz

Flowers:  Webers Floral

Mackinac Island Fudge:  Joann’s Fudge

Embroidered Groom Socks:  Groom Socks

Matches:  Gracious Bridal

Ring Bearer Outfit:  Four Tiny Cousins

Custom Lace Table Runner:  One Dainty Tulip

Straws:  The Sugar Diva


Table for 10


July, 2012 I helped Erin Borges create elements for a table sponsored by her husband for the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce 2012 Business Excellence Awards.  Local businesses are selected to participate in the event.

Here were the rules:

  • Decorate one table for 10 guests to promote your business or organization. Be creative to leave a lasting impression for those who will be seated at your table as well as all attendees as they review the room.
  • Dinnerware, silverware, glassware, and white table linens will be provided (but you may provide your own if you would prefer a different color). You will be responsible for folding the white napkins.
  • Two awards will be given for the best Design-a-Tables: The Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Chair Award and the Business Excellence Committee Award.
  • Provide 10 individual “gifts” for your table. This is important as this will be how each guest will remember your business representation. Based on past “Design-a-Table” reviews, the gifts were one of the most highly anticipated features.
  • No open alcoholic beverages or balloons may be used as favors or decorations.
  • Table decorations must be no higher than 12”.

Erin created the “spine” theme and without looking like it was Halloween or “cartoonish”, an elegant color scheme and materials were used.  I designed a spine pattern for the table cloth, uploaded it to Spoonflower and had the custom fabric printed.  Erin found the clear acrylic box to hold the gifts for the attendees.  Tea light holders were stacked inside and looked like a spine!  So cool!  The recipient also received a gift card for chiropractic services from Dr. Borges.  But we couldn’t just use a standard gift card, oh no, too blah!  I cut acrylic and sandwiched the gift certificate in-between the layers to coordinate with the clear & silver used throughout the table.

Erin did such an amazing job designing the table and it was so different from all the others.  We were fighting for the win but sadly, no such luck.  We were defeated and didn’t take home either award 😦

Venue:  Monterey Conference Center

Table Sponsor:  Dr. Shawn C. Borges

Floral, tablescape and concept:  Erin Borges Event Design

Rental:  Hartmann Studios